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Candlelight Yin

This class is an all levels for anyone who will enjoy doing a slow restorative flow by candlelight to restore and refresh your inner and outer self. Poses will be done on the mat and be held from between 2-5 minutes. After we will return to a final resting pose in a supine position. Oils may be used. Room temperature.

Chair Flow

This class is great for anyone who desires to do their practice from a mostly seated position. Works well for students that may have difficulty with being on the floor on a mat due to various health reasons. There may be some asanas done standing or on the mat which is always as option. Room temperature.

Gentle Flow

This class is great for beginners to advanced students who are interested in the slower pace of asanas matching the breath with the movements. It will help with strengthening your practice at a less challenging rate. Room temperature.


This class is great for anyone who is ready to sit back, relax, and focus on your inner being and self to bring more peacefulness and calm to your busy life. It's hard to take the time to be still for most of us but meditation is a great tool to guide us to a fresh perspective. Room temperature.


This class is designed to be a combination of Hatha or Gentle Flow for the first part of class and then work our way down to the mat for the last part to focus on some relaxing restorative/yin poses to refresh and reset our bodies. So you will get the best of two different styles of Yoga for the price of one. Room temperature and oils may be used along with Aromatherapy. 

Prenatal Flow

This class is designed for anyone from your first trimester through the last. We'll focus on breathing techniques, (pranayamas), along with a gentler flow and relaxing poses, (asanas) to help with the changing body and demands that come with pregnancy. It will strengthen the whole body, mind, and spirit, and get you ready for childbirth. Oils may be used. Room temperature.

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