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Welcome to Yoga Fix. My name is Cindy Petty and I'm very excited and thankful to be able to offer this small studio in Bluffton and bring you a warm, comfortable, and inviting place to come to experience and enhance your own Yoga practice. I'm a 500 hr certified Yoga instructor, Certified Reiki Master and also a registered nurse who's been in the medical field for over twenty years and know the importance of being healthy, (physically, mentally, and spiritually). I've tried many different types of workouts throughout the years and have come to love Yoga because it does enhance my life in all of these ways. The physical benefits are numerous including reducing stress, anxiety, insomnia, gaining more mobility and flexibility, weight loss, relieving pain from many ailments including arthritis and fibro myalgia, increasing muscle tone, bone and joint strength along with improving posture and balance. Each system of the body is affected positively from practicing Yoga on a regular basis. The mental and spiritual benefits are also numerous and can  balance your life by calming the soul and focusing the mind. There will be many different types of classes offered weekly to give everyone a chance to choose which ones you enjoy. Different workshops will be offered for beginners to more advanced students. Other classes and services provided include Reiki, Aromatherapy, Meditation, and Massage along with being able to offer other types of fun classes and workshops not directly connected with Yoga. Come and join the studio for this journey into the wonderful world of Yoga..First class is always free.



Contact Info

1551 SE ST RD 116 Bluffton, IN 46714

Tel: 260-273-5989


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